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ACTIA leader in eco-innovation

The transition of Internal combustion Engines (ICE) vehicles to other types of mobility is a priority throughout the word to respond to environmental and public health challenges.

ACTIA has extensive expertise in the e-mobility market that started at the end of the 1990s, when the group was involved in the development of a first electric vehicle for a French car manufacturer (Renault).

ACTIA’s long established history in the vehicles’ electronics and power management fields enables the Group to provide electrification and energy conversion solutions.

ACTIA offers energy storage system and propulsion solutions for all types of  BEV, HEV, FCEV, based on our long-standing expertise in propulsion systems, ranging from autonomous components to intelligent operating strategies and turnkey systems.

ACTIA’s solutions for Electromobility applications

Smart & Connected Battery

High quality batteries pack manufactured in Germany, France and in United States.

Power electronics

Power efficiency increase, weight and volume reduction and maintaining very competitive costs are the main targets for ACTIA converters.

Electric powertrain solutions

ACTIA has developed a electric powertrain range for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

electrification systems solution

With historical experience in system architecture and as an electronic architecture expert, ACTIA offers an engineering and industrialization offer to develop and produce a complete vehicle electrification platform. It is really the specificity of the ACTIA group to support its customers in defining their system architecture.

ACTIA is positioned as a global partner for equipping vehicles with complete electrification systems integrating the electric engine, the battery pack, the auxiliary power electronics modules and system diagnostics control inverters (EVCU) and telemetry.

ACTIA makes electronics a powerful asset to reduce time-to-market and operating costs and increase their service and TCO rates.

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ACTIA : A proactive & sustainable company

ACTIA is resolutely committed to meeting the new challenges of sustainable mobility. Today, the Group is perceived as a leader in eco-innovation thanks in particular to its solutions suitable for electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

ACTIA also develops eco-driving solutions, management of new energy fleets, and anti-pollution solutions for vehicle technical inspection.

The group has a voluntary CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach both in terms of its processes and its employees.


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