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Off the shelf solutions to go Electric simply and quickly.

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The expertise and worlwide ACTIA footprint will bring product and support to your vehicule electrification.


Commercial vehicle

Laurent Perrier

Directeur Technique BlueSolutions/Bluebus

« Fort d’un partenariat depuis plus de 10 ans dans le domaine de l’électromobilité, l’association de notre technologie de batterie LMP® avec la chaîne de traction et les systèmes de multiplexage Actia Automotive nous permettent de garantir à nos clients le meilleur compromis Performance / Puissance, Agrément de conduite, Autonomie, Fiabilité  »

Mining application

Franck DAAMS


« The use of electric vehicles in underground mines is a "no brainer" as it is the only way to eliminate dangerous emissions and generates a safe & healthy work environment for the workers. In addition the fantastic regenerative torque of the E-Motor is very useful on the steep inclines to drive into the underground mining tunnels. With ACTIA as our drive train partner we are able to offer the best solution for our customers in the mining industry »

Last km delivery

Product Engineering Manager of Gruau

« Last km delivery vehicle are given their mission profile, the first candidates for the electrification of commercial vehicles. Gruau is one of the first European players offering a range of electric 3.5t 'Electron’ electric vehicle, electrified with an ACTIA traction system, and which has the same performance as an equivalent thermal vehicle, while bringing driving comfort, autonomy and zero emissions »


3 800+ ACTIA people worldwide provide solutions to support chassis builder as well as body builder in the constant race of vehicule electrification.

Local team in 16 countries are trained to bring support and customisation to match the customer expectations, from scratch to vehicle installation, field test up to vehicle homologation.


Most of global OEM in commercial vehicle trust ACTIA solutions for more than 30 years.
The ACTIA automotive experience in the field of trucks, buses, coaches, from light to heavy commercial vehicle is a warranty for performance, quality and long term partnership with customers.

More than 1 000 Engineers in the group work on Power Electronics, Motor control, Multiplexing system, Telematics, diagnostics and Automation ECU’s from TRL 3 (research) to TRL9 (production).

The new range of Electric Powertrain benefit from the 15% global effort that ACTIA invest every year for the commercial vehicle market, off the shelf inverters, motors, EVCU, but also SW pack, supported by diagnostics and simulations tools save cost and time to go electric right away.


milions of km
in house production powertrains/year
vehicle equiped with ACTIA powertrain


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