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Main features

Electric powertrain AP-PWT-250kW-3000Nm provides up to 250kW, 3000Nm at the motor shaft.


This compact direct drive, high torque, easy to install powertrain is specially recommended for EV/HEV application as City-Bus or up to direct drive 30t EV.


All the Power Electronics is designed and manufactured by ACTIA Automotive.


Synchronous PMM assisted reluctance motor technology improves torque and power density.

Thanks to advanced SVM control of the inverter, the technology provides to the vehicle a very smooth torque with no cogging effect, no noise, no vibration and high driveability even at very low speed.


is composed of a separate:

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The Electric Vehicle Control Unit is an Automotive ECU that interfaces the drive train and the vehicle equipments.

EVCU is designed to fulfill safety requirement in accordance to ISO26262.

A complete off the shelf SW stack provides almost all modules (Mathlab), to control vehicle equipment (Pedals, EBS, Cooling pumps, …) as well as battery pack (BMS), and allows low NRC to customise an EV application.


A complete set of parameters and look up tables (downloadable) give an easy way to customise the vehicle torque dynamic, the regenerative braking as well as driving comfort.

Electric powertrain's detail



electric motor, ap-mot-250kw-3000nm



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