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Cybersecurity expertise

ACTIA has developed a holistic approach that integrates cybersecurity into the life cycle of its products.

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ACTIA is future-ready for cybersecurity norms and standards

ACTIA is participating in the drafting of ISO / SAE 21434 standards on the cybersecurity of road vehicles, as well as UNECE WP29 regulations on cybersecurity and software updates for road vehicles. The Group’s experts are representing ACTIA in global standardisation communities and are involved in the drafting of standards.

ACTIA is thus prepared to incorporate the latest standardisation requirements right from the design process for its products, and is able to offer its customers products and services that meet the latest standards.

ACTIA France, Spain, Belgium, Tunisia and USA entities are ISO 27001-certified or in the process of certification. ISO 27001 certification actions and the deployment of different cybersecurity standards, in particular ISO/SAE 21434, are collectively carried out by optimising synergies and sharing opportunities.

ACTIA Cybersecurity team is able to share that knowledge and support customer teams along projects towards integration of Cybersecurity features into global applications.

ACTIA incorporates security into its organisation

The multidisciplinary team manages the company’s information, data and physical security: from purchasing, human resources, development, maintenance, etc. These experts define, deploy, verify and improve the information security policy.

ACTIA integrates cybersecurity at every stage of the life of products and services

The ultimate goal is to assess and address the cybersecurity risk. ACTIA has put in place a security risk assessment method based on ISO SAE 21434, which helps to determine levels of cybersecurity risk and reduce them. By applying this method throughout the life cycle, ACTIA ensures that cybersecurity risks always remain acceptable.

The Group thus assists its customers in proving the compliance of their vehicles with the UN regulations on cybersecurity for road vehicles. ACTIA has experience in the certification of products according to the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security (ISO 15408), up to level EAL4+.

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ACTIA product with Cybersecurity features currently in operating in the field
Based on its Know-how and Expertise, ACTIA Cybersecurity team is able to support customers to implement that upcoming complex Cybersecurity requirement into their system architecture to build new vehicle architecture “cybersecurity ready” for future up-coming regulations.


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