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ACTIA maintains a true partnership approach with its customers.

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Innovation as the driving force of the group

A true partnership approach with its customers enables ACTIA to offer high value-added proposals. Since its creation in 1986, ACTIA’s spirit of innovation and the supporting policies have enabled the group to stay a step ahead in our activity sectors.

With an annual investment in Research and Development of 14-17% of annual turnover, and a workforce of more than 1 000 engineers and technicians worldwide, ACTIA places innovation at the heart of its dynamic, both when developing new products & services and when fine-tuning its processes.

The ACTIA Group supplied high-tech electronics and Energy Storage System to the automotive and commercial Vehicle markets. ACTIA has a tradition to work in close collaboration with our customers in order to create an efficient, transparent & agile way of working to create successful projects. ACTIA understands the customers’ needs, and is able to provide the right technological solution at optimized for every need.

A group synergy that benefits customers

ACTIA sets up within its skills centres the human resources, expertise and the means to design and adapt its products and on-board systems as close as possible to its local markets and its customers. In the group the fields of expertise are numerous :
All these skills are distributed within the group and their synergy is a precious and rare asset. It benefits the group of course and especially its customers, who see their project carried out by integrating the right technology, as quickly as possible and at the most optimized costs.

Dedicated electromobility and Power Electronics team

The Power and electromobility engineering activity is organized around dedicated highly skilled teams for Vehicle System expertise, Power electronics and Energy Storage . That multidisciplinary and international team on charge of developing the battery product lines including Battery management system and range of power Electronics (inverters and DC/DC converters) is spread over several countries in Europe and in United States.

That engineering team is supported by the whole ACTIA Organisation all over the world to provide local support to our customers from ASIA Pacific area to Europe, United states and Latin America.

ACTIA has simulations capabilities and testing laboratories within the group

ACTIA has simulation capabilities for electronics design, Mechanical design including Vibration and Battery Liquid cooling thermal behaviour.

ACTIA has certification and testing laboratories within the group. The group benefits in particular from a climatic, mechanical, vibration, corrosion and micro-section testing laboratory which holds the international ISO17025 accreditation in the field of thermomechanical testing.

In the field of Electrical vehicle system expertise, ACTIA benefits from a dedicated powertrain test bench facility enabling it to make permanent updates and customisations for Command laws for Power train system including Traction Inverters and Motors.


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