ACTIA Electromobility


ACTIA thus positions itself close to its customers with a dual commitment: INNOVATE & PRODUCE.

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Industrial identity

ACTIA products come from the group’s design offices and are manufactured in its factories that meet international quality standards. These standards combine in particular the requirements of the automotive and aeronautic sectors : the most demanding in the world.

ACTIA customers design the vehicles that will drive the mobility of tomorrow, electric or hybrid vehicles, communicating, autonomous, which integrate multiple on-board and remote services. ACTIA must follow the evolution of this sustainable, safe and connected mobility in the way it designs its products, of course, but also in the way it produces them.

Industrial show-case

The group has developed leading industrial expertise in the automotive, aerospace, rail, and industry sectors.

In a context of tight constraints on product design and the supply of “critical” components, ACTIA provides high-level expertise in supporting electronic design, mechanics, industrialisation and production testing. With its growing skills, human resources and technical resources, ACTIA designs and produces its own production testing equipment.

Production of electromobility solutions

The ACTIA group has five factories for production of electronics and/or electromobility units spread over several countries as France, Germany, Sweden, Tunisia and United States and therefore spread over three continents to be as close as possible from customers facilities.

Let’s refer to your regular contact inside ACTIA Organisation to get details view on product mix Vs manufacturing locations.

This determination, affecting ACTIA production sites, to raise its production tool to an equal level of performance in terms of quality and competitiveness, falls within the group’s strategy. With an efficient industrial tool, increased potential for international growth and a recognized capacity for innovation in areas of strategic excellence, ACTIA is confident in its ability to pursue its growth strategy.

The production of ACTIA’s electromobility solutions mobilizes the skills and energies of these five different horizons. ACTIA relies on a team of experts to model the means of production on an international scale. This group synergy makes it possible to pool tools and developments.

The combination of these five production units provides to ACTIA industrial capacities at a high technological level, whatever the volumes: small, medium and large runs. It is a shining example of industrial excellence.


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