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ACTIA has a solid product functional safety expertise.

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The issues of Functional Safety for electronic products

Functional safety is the ability of a system to perform the required functions under specified conditions. It mainly consists of four components: reliability, maintainability, availability and safety. The functional safety approach allows products to be placed on the market with controlled risks.

Functional safety, which is becoming increasingly important in system design, must be included in system engineering processes. The properties of functional safety are the result of interdependencies that exist in the system and in the system’s interaction with its environment. For this reason, ACTIA handles functional safety analysis using a global approach.

ACTIA proposes a comprehensive functional safety approach throughout all phases of the product’s life, from design to the end of the product’s life-cycle.

A solid expertise in the safety of electronic architectures

With 15 years of experience in safety engineering and manufacturing for off-highway vehicles, trucks, equipment for trains and commercial vehicles, ACTIA has a solid experience in the field of functional safety. The group has developed functional safety for instrumentation products, bodywork and chassis control units, vehicle power train and safety controllers for electro-hydraulic function controls.
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ACTIA safety ECUs operating in the field
ACTIA has assisted numerous manufacturers in bringing their machines into line with functional safety standards. Several applications were certified in partnership with BUREAU VERITAS.

Automotive safety standards

This ACTIA Safety approach guarantees the compliance of the system architecture with automotive safety standards: ISO 61508 / EN13849 for off-roads vehicles and more ISO 26262 for on-road vehicles. Safety intervenes from the design of the electronic architecture of the vehicle, this contributes to the definition of the safety architecture, to achieve a high level of functional safety.

Functional Safety standards, including ISO 26262, are complex. To comply with multiple functional safety standards, ACTIA uses suitable procedures and tools. ACTIA has, in particular, developed its own risk analysis tool. It can calculate the metrics required by ISO 26262, among other things.

ACTIA is able to support customers for Functionnal safety analysis in order to minimise functional risk on the machine while reducing time-to-market and engineering effort to reach Safety compliant application.


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