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Last miles deliveries vehicles will go electric in the next future, this is part of most authorities willing to limit emissions as E-Commerce is growing.

ACTIA proposes electric powertrain for Electric light commercial vehicle from 3t to 7t supported by EVCU, standard SW stack and diagnostic tools that allows a fast and efficient vehicle integration, as well as time and cost saving.


Electric Light Commercial Vehicle are expected to match at least the same power and torque performance than ICE Vehicle and even more.
More Over Electric Drive brings comfort driving, silence, and power with no gas emissions.

The ACTIA powertrain is a compact, efficient, easy to install and provides the vehicle with high traction force, high speed capability in a small volume compliant with almost all LCV chassis or underhood configuration.

Thanks to its advanced motor control, the ACTIA powertrains bring improved comfort and driving agreement :

EVCU provides proven solutions (MathLab Modules) to interface with the vehicle equipment, battery pack, pedals, EBS, ABS, DashBoards, etc.. as well as battery pack and allows to quickly goes electric at low NRC.

Electric powertrains for light commercial vehicle

Solution for

3.5t vehicles


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Solution for

7t vehicles


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