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Battery and Electromobility solutions for Agriculture & Robots

With its 30 years of systems expertise on Agricultural machines, ACTIA contributes to cleaner, Safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly farming

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Modern agriculture is facing a number of challenges

The growing sensitivity towards environmental issues, ever-stricter anti-pollution regulations, the shortage of manpower and constant technological advances are leading to a revolution into agricultural market segment. Automation and robotisation are the answers to that challenge. That trend is driving the future for agricultural machinery and equipment implement market. It leads to a rapid growth of electric applications in this sector.

The use of robots and electric tractors in the fields is beneficial. It improves working conditions, limits the impact on the environment and increases the profitability of crops, including the development of precision agriculture.

With the shortage of agricultural workers, the automation of tasks is on the rise and robots are starting to appear in the fields. Agricultural robotics is currently a booming market. The initial applications concern the fields of zootechnics, viticulture and the maintenance of urban green spaces, with for example robots for weeding, hoeing or straddling rows of crops, etc.

This is a rapidly growing sector and in recent years we have seen a progressive quest for higher quality for increasingly innovative applications.

For instance, 100% electric straddle tractors are now used in vineyards for tillage, grinding up vine shoots, pruning, phytosanitary treatments, etc.

Thanks to electrification, this type of agricultural machine achieves the same performance as diesel-powered tractors, whilst offering all the advantages of electricity:

By offering solutions for electric agricultural machinery, ACTIA contributes to healthier, Safer, more productive and more environmentally friendly agriculture.

30 years of expertise in Agricultural machines electric architectures

ACTIA is developing a holistic approach to Agricultural machines.

As a specialist in on-board systems for 30 years with strategic partnership with major agricultural machinery and off-highway vehicle manufacturers, ACTIA has been developing and producing solutions for electric and electro-hydraulic architecture management, telematics, maintenance and diagnostics systems dedicated for off-highways application with around 1 million vehicles in operation over the world for agriculture, construction and handling.

Contemporary farming is resolutely turned towards environmental protection. This involves increasing the efficiency, reliability and functional safety of vehicles while reducing carbon emissions and chemical treatments.

The Group relies on its know-how and background in design and industrialisation for harsh environments application to offer scalable and innovative solutions for machine’s electrification or hybridation.

In order to increase productivity while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), ACTIA group has developed a range of solutions to meet the constraints of maintenance, software update and vehicle positioning, such systems are increasingly connected. ACTIA has developed comprehensive telematics solutions including a multi-function platform that connects vehicles to a management centre while implementing enhanced cybersecurity features to prevent machines and agricultural robots hacking.

our Electromobility solutions for Agriculture & Robots

Smart & Safe Connected battery

For heavy application in Agriculture, a range of high voltage (400v to 700v) battery system with an Energy storage capability up to 300 kWh will perfectly fit Fuel cell application or ultra-high energy Battery-powered applications.

power electronics

Range of Traction Inverters up to 250KW-3000Nm at motor shaft tailored for EV/HEV applications up to 40tons.
Range of Auxiliary DC/DC converters up to 650v to 12v/24v/48v – 8kW with high efficiency and compact design.

Electric Powertrain solutions

Thanks to its advanced motor control, ACTIA Power train solutions bring enhanced confort and driving efficiency to the end users.

Electrification systems expertise

As a single interface with the customer and based on a network of certified partners, ACTIA system expert team is able to support your activities for design, integration and validation of the complete system of the machine while reducing time-to-market and risks.


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