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Electromobility solutions for city bus & coach

With a comprehensive range of solutions for buses and coaches, ACTIA contribute to Carbon emission reduction on public transport.

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The energy transition of city buses

Zero-emission targets for public transportation in cities are becoming widespread across the globe.

More than 90% of the world’s population live in areas exceeding the air quality threshold recommended by WHO. Reduction of carbon emissions into urban area will be one of the major challenge in next decades.

Introduction of Electric Battery-powered city bus for public transportation is one of the answer to that challenge. This will then lead to a tremendous increase in the number of electric buses, supported by the growing number of national support programmes all over the globe.

A complete offer for Energy storage system and electrification of buses and coaches

Expertise based on a comprehensive range of on-board chassis & body systems, driver environment and services.

ACTIA provides a comprehensive range of power train solutions in combination to a scalable and modular range of Battery solutions.
ACTIA interfaces the electronic architecture of vehicles with telematics solutions, opening them to services that are interoperable with manufacturers’ and operators’ proprietary fleet management applications.

With more than 25 years of experience on bus & coach market segment and as founding member of ITxPT, ACTIA Group is a long-standing partner for major European manufacturers of commercial vehicles in general, and specifically buses and coaches. As pioneer in multiplexed electronic architectures, the Group supports the development of this sector by offering innovations that meet the major challenges of mobility: passenger safety, passenger and driver comfort, environmental protection and management requirements that allow manufacturers to make a difference with their operator and integrator customers.

our Electromobility solutions for city bus & Coach

Electrification system expertise

As a single interface with the customer, ACTIA system experts team is able to design, integrate and validate the complete system of the EV bus while reducing time-to-market and risks.

Smart & Safe Connected battery

Range of Energy storage solutions up to 500 kWh based on different chemistry types to enable fast charging, opportunity charging or overnight charging.

power electronics

Range of Traction Inverters up to 250KW-3000Nm at motor shaft. Compact direct drive, high torque solutions tailored for EV/HEV applications up to 30tons.

Electric Powertrain solutions

Range of electric powertrain (inverter + electric motor + EVCU) up to 250KW-3000Nm at motor shaft. Compact direct drive, high torque solutions tailored for EV/HEV applications up to 30tons.


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