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Energy Storage Systems and Electromobility solutions for marine applications

ACTIA contributes to the energy transition to protect the marine environment

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Cleaner boats for leasure and commercial applications

The energy transition of boats has the wind in its sails.

There are many initiatives around the electric boat. They are developped rapidly in response to the growing interest of users for cleaner and more silentboats with higher respect to flora and fauna. Energy storage capacities are evolving and boat builders are working on new generation vessels, either 100% electric or Hybrid / Hydrogen-powered.

This electric or hydrogen mode is especially suitable for boats navigating in calm or enclosed waters, and over short distances-leasure boats, tourist shuttles or service boats.

Hybrid propulsion is intended for large-capacity boats sailing long distances, such as inter-continental ferries. « Hybrid » propulsion combines several modes of electricity production. Combination of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) with electric propulsion system including batteries is the most common form of hybridisation to date.

Energy storage Systems and electrification solutions tailored for harsh marine environments

ACTIA solutions are rugged to withstand marine environments.

The ACTIA Group is already present in the marine sector with instrumentation solutions: gauges, clusters, switch panels, displays, etc. The Group also equips “offshore” shuttles with on-board entertainment systems.

The level of hardening of electronic systems on a boat is comparable to that of commercial vehicles. They are subjected to comparable extreme conditions.

Battery and power train systems are designed to cope with the stresses of vibration, movement and shock, including High protection index.

our Energy storage Systems and Electromobility solutions for marine applications

Smart & Safe Connected battery

Battery Product range covers low voltage applications from 48 volts applications for compact leisure boats until high voltage range (400v to 700v) for heavy and commercial boats.

power electronics

Range of Traction Inverters up to 250KW-3000Nm at motor shaft tailored for EV/HEV applications up to 40tons.
Range of Auxiliary DC/DC converters up to 650v to 12v/24v/48v – 8kW with high efficiency and compact design.

Electric Powertrain solutions

Thanks to its advanced motor control, ACTIA Power train solutions bring enhanced confort and driving efficiency to the end users.


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