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Electromobility and Energy storage solutions for municipal vehicles

Highly scalable and flexible solutions for municipal vehicle electrification.

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Municipal vehicles are going all-electric shortly

Local authorities play a fundamental role in the development of electric mobility.

By prioritising electric mobility, local authorities are striving to improve air quality and reduce polluting emissions and noise pollution caused by vehicles in their local area.
The challenge for all major cities around the world is to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption as well as polluting and noise emissions, and this applies to municipal vehicles that criss-cross the city day and night.

Over and above legal up-coming obligations, choosing electric vehicles for their fleet as well as for those of their service providers demonstrates local authorities’ commitment to ecological transition and fighting air pollution.

This covers all emergency vehicles like firetrucks, ambulances and also vehicles operated by municipal agencies, like street sweepers and refuse collection trucks.

ACTIA's electrification offer covers all municipal vehicles types

From firetrucks to street sweepers, ACTIA adapts its vehicle electrification and energy storage proposal.

For operators, maintaining the service level of the vehicles remains critical for their activity. This is all the more important when vehicles are used to ensure the safety and the cleanliness of our cities. ACTIA electromobility offer versatility will bring the benefits to OEMs to cover a range of different vehicle platform with similar technology making maintenance and easier service and less costly for final users.

Implementation of ACTIA telemetry connected to the monitoring of the Battery’s state of Health / State of Charge in combination to remote diagnostic will offer to the fleet’s operator the capability to optimize the life duration of the vehicle battery to reduce total cost of Ownership.

In addition, the Group’s modular industrial capacities in small, medium and large production runs allow to propose necessary flexibility to the industrial production of intermediate volumes that this market requires.

Our Electromobility solutions for municipal vehicles

Smart & Safe Connected battery

Battery Product range covers low voltage applications from 48 volts applications for compact machines until high voltage range (400v to 700v) for heavy machines.

power electronics

Range of Traction Inverters up to 250KW-3000Nm at motor shaft tailored for pure electric or Hybrid applications commercial boats.
Range of Auxiliary DC/DC converters up to 650v to 12v/24v/48v – 8kW with high efficiency and compact design.

Electric Powertrain solutions

Thanks to its advanced motor control, ACTIA Power train solutions bring enhanced confort and driving efficiency to the end users.


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