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Drawing on its expertise in railway technologies, ACTIA offers batteries, battery management systems and power converters solutions specific to the railways market segment.

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The energy transition of trains on the right track

Rail is one of the most preferred mode for people and goods transportation given its environmental benefits. A percentage of traffic is carried out by electric drive rolling stocks but significant part are covered by Diesel-powered trains with a tremendous high level of Carbon emissions.

With the aim to facilitate the global transition to a low-emission carbon transportation especially in urban and regional areas considering electrification cost of secondary lines prohibitive, alternative solutions are therefore being sought, including hydrogen, hybrid or battery-powered trains.

Those trains thus offer a sustainable climate-friendly alternative to existing diesel-powered train on non-electrified routes with significant contribution on carbon emissions reduction.

Battery-powered trains, Diesel engines are now replaced by high capacity lithium-ion batteries installed on the either rooftop or underfloor. These batteries can be charged on overhead-lines when available and by recuperating Train’s braking energy. Trains can therefore run without diesel traction near stations, which is a major benefits into reduction of emissions pollution.

This technology can be used on new train but also on rolling stocks retrofits or refurbishment market, which consists of changing the engine type of current diesel trains to a electric engine.

Hydrogen trains

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is also entering the market successfully with manufacturers particularly because of its environmental capabilities. This source of energy has the advantage of not emitting carbon.

Hydrogen architectures also require a Li-Ion battery to store energy from Fuel cell and provide /absorb peak of Power during Train’s acceleration phase or braking phases.

With a dedicated offer and major technological partnerships, ACTIA is all geared up to support Train’s energy transition by offering solutions for Rooftop and underfloor Li-ion batteries and Power DC/DC converters.

ACTIA Group has forged technological partnerships for the design of railway batteries.

These collaborations bear witness to ACTIA Group’s ambitions in Energy Storage System, in addition to its know-how in power electronics and electric engines.

ACTIA expertise in the rail sector

ACTIA has a good grasp of the constraints linked to the railway sector.

ACTIA has been developing and producing solutions for the railway sector for more than 25 years. This market plays a major role in mobility issues and is an area in which ACTIA has invested many resources in development, production and services.

The Group already offers both on-board and trackside railway solutions, such as systems for:

  • Real-time information and communication;
  • On-board video surveillance;
  • Rear view or side camera for platform safety;
  • Trackside railway announcements for the safety of fixed or mobile worksites.

These solutions, fully qualified with railways environment, are intended for both manufacturers and operators. They meet four objectives: passenger experience, the safety of people, the deployment of new communication technologies and vehicle availability.

ACTIA solutions are innovative, competitive and of course compatible with the most demanding rail standards: SIL 0 to 4 and EN50155, environmental and fire/smoke standards. The Group’s railway products are produced in an IRIS* certified industrial facility. ACTIA is a partner of major European railway operators and manufacturers.

*Certification status depending locations

our Electromobility solutions for trains

Smart & Safe Connected battery

ACTIA proposes a range of Energy storage solutions up to 500 kWh based on different chemistry types.

Power electronics

ACTIA proposes high efficiency auxiliary DC/DC converters to convert high voltage 1500VDC source into both AC and DC power supply for auxiliary’s loads of the train.


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