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An Automotive grade range of solutions for Energy Storage systems, Inverters and Power converters to support a more sustainable transportation.

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The energy transition for trucks and light commercial vehicles

Vehicle electrification is the new challenge in goods transport.

When we talk about polluting emissions from the automotive industry, diesel-powered transportation vehicles are often singled out. Across the world, these vehicles are now subject to increasingly stringent emissions standards, in keeping with the trend towards all-electric or zero-emission vehicles. These new regulations are speeding up the energy transition of those vehicles towards Electric or hybrid topologies.

Some constraints for reduction of carbon emissions are up coming all over the world. In the United States, California will impose sales quotas on the number of zero-emission (ZE) heavy trucks from 2024 until 2035. Large cities are also moving towards zero emissions.
The energy transition of trucks concerns either Battery-powered light commercial vehicles in urban areas where air pollution is very high or long haul Class 6-8 trucks with fuel cell technology FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles).

With its expertise in Energy Storage System and battery-powered drive systems, ACTIA supports the energy transition of goods transport vehicles and contributes to more sustainable mobility.

Range of Energy Storage Systems, Inverters and Power converters for Hydrogen trucks or Battery-powered Light Commercial Vehicles

ACTIA draws on its system expertise in commercial vehicles to offer a range of vehicle electrification solutions.

ACTIA is a partner for several major Truck manufacturers all over the world for the development and production of innovative and Automotive grade solutions.
This offer is based on the Group’s time-honoured expertise in the automotive industry, since ACTIA has been supporting heavy vehicle manufacturers for more than 35 years in the design of electronic architectures, control electronics, power electronics and energy management.

The challenges linked to sustainable transportation require an approach to vehicles in their entirety and support throughout their life cycle. Anticipating an increasingly demanding environmental, safety and economic context, ACTIA solutions help improve vehicle safety and service levels.

With its long-standing expertise in the design of on-board systems for commercial and industrial vehicles, ACTIA has developed a range of Batteries, Inverters and Power converters.

our Electromobility solutions for your Heavy trucks and light commercial vehicle (LCV)

Smart & SAFE Connected battery

Range of Energy Storage Solutions from 10kWh up to 300 kWh based on different chemistry types to fits either Fuel cells truck architectures or Battery powered light truck with FAST CHARGING or overnight CHARGING.

Power Electronics

Range of Traction Inverters up to 250KW-3000Nm at motor shaft tailored for EV/HEV applications up to 40tons.
Range of Auxiliary DC/DC converters up to 650v to 12v/24v/48v – 8kW with high efficiency and compact design.

Electrification systems for light commercial Vehicle

As a single interface with the customer, ACTIA system experts team is able to design, integrate and validate the complete system of the LCV while Reducing time-to-market and risks.

Electric Powertrain solutions

System solution for Traction Inverters, electric motor , EVCU (control ECU) and DC/DC Converters up to 250KW-3000Nm at motor shaft. Compact direct drive, high torque solutions tailored for EV/HEV/FCEV applications up to 40tons.


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