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ACTIA has extensive expertise in the electric mobility market

Thanks to our historic expertise in on-board system design for commercial and industrial vehicles, ACTIA has developed an offer of electric powertrain solutions. This offer is based on ACTIA Group expertise in the automotive industry.

ACTIA equips utility vehicles, last mile delivery vehicle and mini truck and VANs,Several versions are already on the market. 70kW-90kW is used to power mini-buses or light vehicle while.

140kW-200kW which targets commercial vehicles for passenger and good transportation.

ACTIA electric drive solutions enable the simple, quick transition of commercial vehicles to electric power, guaranteeing efficiency and performance.
With design and manufacturing for the various ACTIA solutions taking place in the Group’s design offices and plants, we can ensure these solutions are reliable in a fully-managed quality environment.

ACTIA Electric powertrain range

ACTIA has developed a powertrain range for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Each solution is adapted to suit the specific drive and speed needs for each type of vehicle.
These comprehensive solutions include the engine, inverter and Vehicle Control Unit. These complete turnkey solutions are designed for seamless integration on the vehicle chassis. They are fully developed and manufactured by ACTIA.
The ACTIA product range is suitable for high voltage applications as well as for vehicles operating in harsh environments. This range offers a good ratio of tension, torque and power.

Range ACTIA is continuing to develop this range to provide innovative products by 2022.

Our electric powertrain solution


Electric powertrain AP-PWT-110kW-250Nm provides up to 110kW, 250Nm, 12 000rpm on the motor shaft.


Electric powertrain AP-PWT-140kW-400Nm provides up to 140kW, 400Nm, 12 000rpm on the motor shaft.


Electric powertrain AP-PWT-160kW-2300Nm provides up to 160kW, 2300Nm at the motor shaft.


Electric powertrain AP-PWT-250kW-3000Nm provides up to 250kW, 3000Nm at the motor shaft.


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