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ACTIA offers complete vehicle electrification system including powertrain, battery pack, auxiliary power electronics modules and system diagnostic control

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ACTIA a global partner for vehicle electrification

As an expert in vehicle system design and on-board solutions for industrial and commercial vehicles, ACTIA is positioned as a global partner for equipping vehicles with complete electrification systems integrating the electric engine, the battery pack, the auxiliary power electronics modules and system diagnostics control including control unit (EVCU) & telemetry.
ACTIA is therefore engaged in a comprehensive engineering and industrialisation offer to develop and produce an electrification platform to suit the vehicle’s electronic system design. This two-fold expertise in electrification systems and on-board system design makes ACTIA stand out to commercial and industrial HGV and light utility vehicle manufacturers.

Entrust your vehicle electrification to an expert in architecture system

ACTIA is committed to a complete engineering and industrialization offer to develop and produce an electrification platform adapted to the design of the vehicle’s electronic system. This dual expertise in electrification systems and the design of on-board systems allows ACTIA to stand out among manufacturers of commercial and industrial heavy goods vehicles and light commercial vehicles.
Thanks to its system expertise, ACTIA has the capacity to support manufacturers in defining their system architecture, integrate and support validation of the implementation on the vehicle until first running test.. He bis therefore the single interface with the customer to ensure time-to-market and program efficiency, whether he is a manufacturer or a bodybuilder.
Several thousand powertrain systems for light vehicles came out from ACTIA factories. Main use cases for electrification systems are transit buses ,airport shuttles, delivery trucks, off-highways and municipal vehicles.

ACTIA a global partner for vehicle electrification

Backed by its extensive industry experience and its international footprint on all continents with highly skilled system and vehicle integration team, ACTIA supports its customers across all phases of a vehicle’s lifecycle, from the design stage all the way to the end of its service life.

Design expertise : Mastery of all procedures and steps, providing actuators integrated into the system as steering pump, air compressor, electric heater …and therefore greatly reduces risk and the time to market. ACTIA being the sole system contact providing significant risks mitigation on innovative programs.

In operation : ACTIA provides solutions to monitor battery life duration, remote maintenance. These functionalities can be integrated either into a global fleet management system from customer or provided by ACTIA.

ACTIA makes electronics a powerful asset to reduce the cost of designing and operating vehicles , increase their service rate and decrease total cost of ownership (TCO).

ACTIA also offers its expertise in interfacing the on-board system with electric charging stations according to the associated protocols

Our electrification system solution

Electric powertrain range

ACTIA has developed a electric powertrain range for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Auxiliary power electronics modules

Range of Auxiliary DC/DC converters, Range of inverters, Electronic vehicle control unit (EVCU) for EV powertrain application.


ACTIA develops modular battery systems for ultra-high Energy and high power demanding applications with optimized total cost of ownership (TCO).


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