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Power electronics for electromobility and railway

ACTIA proposes a modular range of Inverters, DC/DC converters with high performances, high efficiency and compact form factors

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High performance Power electronics

Inverters and DC/DC converters for commercial vehicle and railways applications

ACTIA’s 30 years of expertise and research on Power electronics technologies allow to offer solutions that fully meet the various requirements of vehicles manufacturers.
ACTIA Power electronic product range is designed to meet automotive, railways and off-highways environments standards.

Based on strong experience acquired during last 2 decades on pioneer electrical vehicle programs with Automotive manufacturers like Electrical Car Sharing with more than 5000 vehicles produced, ACTIA has developed a range of traction inverters up to 250 Kw and DC/DC converters up to 4Kw. Both ranges are able to support input voltages from 400Vdc to 750Vdc.

Based on significant experience with Railways applications with more than 1000 trains equipped with ACTIA electronic devices, ACTIA has developed an Auxiliary DC/DC-AC converter dedicated to Railways application with Capability of 1500Vdc input voltage and 400Vac/110Vdc output voltages.

Innovative Technological platform

All Inverters, DC/DC converters and auxiliary DC/DC converters are designed to meet high level of performances with efficiency above 92%.

From existing off-the-self version until innovative product range under development, Latest innovation are implemented to guaranty high performance, compact size

Product strategy to serve all customer needs

OFF-the-self products

ACTIA offers off-the-self (COTS) Inverters and DC/DC converters to fit manufacturers, system integrators or body builders applications with very limited time-to-market and engineering budget.

Specific Population Variants

Based on highly skilled and experienced engineering and industrialisation team, ACTIA offers engineering and manufacturing capabilities to customise ACTIA existing off-the-self Inverters and DC/DC converters by creation of specific product population variants tailored to customer’s needs.

Hardware customization for application in Volumes

Based on expertise fo Engineering, design, validation and qualification; ACTIA technical and industrialisation teams are able to analyse customer specifications and design a specific product to provide the best ratio “Performance to Cost”.

our power electronics solution for electromobility and railway

e-mobility Traction Inverters up to 250Kw

e-mobility DC/DC converters up to 4Kw (product preview)

Non-contractual pictures

PAC 145/20-1 - Railways auxiliary power Converters 145KVA for train and metro applications

permanent usage during operation

These products convert the primary energy coming from the catenary or third rail and supply both the AC and DC auxiliary loads of the train.

The range is suitable for use on all types of railway vehicles: LRV’s, metros, regional, high-speed trains and locomotives.


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