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Smart, Safe & Connected Battery

ACTIA develops modular battery systems for ultra-high Energy and high power demanding applications with optimized total cost of ownership (TCO)

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ACTIA batteries: High quality batteries pack manufactured in Germany, France and in United States

ACTIA’s 10 years of expertise and research on battery technologies allow to offer solutions that fully meet the various requirements of vehicles and boats manufacturers.

Based on several chemistries like LTO, LMP® and NMC, ACTIA’s traction batteries are specially designed for robust, safe & powerful operations, for a variety of mobility applications with the clear goal to finding the best possible compromise between the weight of the battery, its storage capacity, its reliability, its price, its lifespan, its ability to optimize recharge duration and its environmental footprint, especially during recycling.

High quality batteries pack manufactured in Germany, France and in USA

That diversity into technology leads ACTIA’s Batteries to be a perfect fit for hybrid (HEV),fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) as well as pure Battery-electric vehicles (BEV). ACTIA designs battery solutions that maximise the reliability and longevity of the battery pack, especially under harsh temperature and operating conditions.
Engineering is based on ACTIA’s mastery of various Lithium-ion technologies, on its strategic partnership with battery cells providers and full knowledge of the challenges of industrial vehicles, utility vehicle manufacturers, operators and end users.

Main features

(*) depending types and part numbers

What are ACTIA’s battery systems made of?

From Off-the-self battery pack to fully customized Battery solutions. ACTIA’s Battery pack are made up of several battery cells branches connected in Series or parallel.

All those branches of cells are monitored with the Battery Management System (BMS). Data are stored into BMS system.

Historical or real time Data can be shared at vehicle level either thru CAN network or can be accessed remotely thru ACTIA Safe and Secured wireless Telemetry system.
Power distribution and safety protections are ensured by relevant devices integrated into the system.
Depending on Chemistry, Battery pack can also include either liquid cooling system or Air cooling system.
For ultra-high energy or ultra-high power battery packs used in extreme conditions; the battery system can integrate thermal regulation system (Chiller) to ensure usage of the battery according specified operating thermal range.
ACTIA offers off-the-self (COTS) product battery product range in multiple chemistry to fit manufacturers, system integrators or body builders applications with very limited time-to-market and engineering budget.
Based on highly skilled and experienced engineering and industrialisation team, ACTIA offers also engineering and manufacturing capabilities to customise ACTIA existing off-the-self batteries or take over a battery design from scratch including design/simulation/validation/ industrialisation/Qualification and certification of a fully custom made battery pack to optimize performance, size, life duration, reliability and costs according customer specifications.

Our Smart, Safe & Connected Battery solutions

Ultra-High energy density battery solutions

night charging applications

Battery range mostly based on NMC technology with large storage capacity. Tailored to achieve aggressive cost targets (€/kWh) in combination to ultra-large energy density (Wh/Kg).

Ultra High Power battery solutions

fast charging applications

Battery range mostly based on LTO technology with large storage capacity. Tailored to achieve high reliability targets in combination to very large number of charge / discharge cycles.

Solid state Battery systems

permanent usage during operation

Battery range based on LMP® technology with large Energy storage density. Tailored to achieve high performance and Safety targets in combination to lower weight, reduced volume (no cooling required) and reduced maintenance costs.

Battery Management System (BMS)

The ACTIA Battery Management System (BMS) solution monitors the State Of Charge (SOC) and the State Of Health (SOH) of the battery

Telemetry - Remote maintenance and life duration management - Diagnostics

ACTIA’s telemetry expertise is based on the Group’s long-standing knowledge of on-board electronic system design


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