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BMS is essential for monitoring Lithium-ion batteries

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What is the role of the BMS ?

Lithium batteries are very powerful, a specific monitoring of each cell is mandatory in order to ensure reliability and long life duration. Thus, it is necessary to monitor each individual cell of the battery pack to prevent usage outside chemical, thermal and electrical specifications. This monitoring work is carried out thanks to an electronic management system called BMS « Battery Management System ».

The BMS actively ensures the charge balance of all of the battery’s cells. All of these functions play an essential role in efficiency and battery life duration. The BMS protect the battery by preventing it from operating outside of its typical operating range and optimising its capacities by preventing under and overvoltage.

ACTIA Battery Management System solutions

The use of a BMS is then essential: it is the guardian of safety to prevent the battery from being exposed to some critical conditions. The ACTIA Battery Management System (BMS) solution monitors the State Of Charge (SOC) and the State Of Health (SOH) of the battery.

Based on our historic expertise in on-board electronics and telematics, ACTIA has developed a complementary offer enabling real-time battery checks and an optimised vehicle service and operating rate.
ACTIA offers a complete Battery Management System. These innovative BMS electronics Master 4.5 & Slave 6 ensure a safe, secured and durable operation for all chemistries.

The benefits of ACTIA's BMS solution

Our Battery Management System solution

Master 4.5 highlights

BAT-S 1000 1U Sensor

Precision measurement sensor

Slave 6 highlights


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