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Connected battery – battery data management in real time

Battery life duration optimisation - remote maintenance

Telemetry provides data relating to battery packs in real time. Monitoring the condition of the battery and ensuring it is operational for the whole vehicle service life is a real challenge for manufacturers.

Controlling the battery, particularly the SoC (State of Charge) and SoH (State of Health) makes it possible to detect deviations with the expected autonomy and life duration calculations.

Also important to estimate battery life duration, telemetry makes it possible to get access in real time to the DoD (Depth of discharge) of the battery : the amount of energy that has been discharged during each discharge cycle.

The life of a lithium battery is expressed in number of cycles the battery can sustain in function of applied depth of discharge (DOD). A cycle is defined as a charge and a complete discharge of the battery. It is given as a percentage of its capacity. This is very important because a battery should not be subjected to deep discharges as its lifespan decreases rapidly with the average depth of discharge.

Depending on the type of battery, the storage lifespan can vary greatly.

Manufacturers and operators monitor the condition of the batteries and receive warnings when the limits are exceeded.

Telemetry provides benefits to all stakeholders

To manufacturer

who will know as accurately as possible the battery life in relation to the mission profile of the application. He thus improves the performance and reliability of vehicles.

To the operator

who will reduce the operating and maintenance costs of its vehicles. He will also anticipate or avoid immobilization of the vehicle and reduce its vehicle TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

ACTIA, vehicle data expert

ACTIA’s telemetry expertise is based on the Group’s long-standing knowledge of on-board electronic system design. For more than 30 years, ACTIA has been designing, manufacturing and operating electronics for systems management in various automotive fields.

ACTIA consolidates its position in vehicle connectivity as a leading telematics equipment supplier for industrial and commercial vehicles. This success in telematics is due to ACTIA’s engineering performance coupled with expertise in communication technologies and vehicle architecture.


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